Why You Should Switch to a Clean Beauty Brand

Why You Should Switch Over to Fragrance Free Beauty Brands

Fragrances are one of the most common ingredients found in makeup products, but they can also be one of the most harmful. Both natural and synthetic fragrances are known to cause allergic reactions, asthma, and even cancer. It’s no wonder, then, that many people are switching over to a fragrance-free clean beauty brand. Not only are these products safer for your skin, but they’re also better for the environment.

No More Synthetic Compounds

A smear of a fragrance-free product from a clean beauty brand.

The biggest problem with non-fragrance-free beauty brands is that they're made up of various chemicals and compounds. Many of these chemicals are known to be toxic and have been linked to a variety of health issues. These ingredients can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system, as well as cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness. The most common health issues associated with fragrances are asthma, allergies, and skin irritation. Everything from matte clean lipstick to sunscreen products is designed to be gentle on the skin and is often made with natural and organic ingredients.

Better for the Environment

Not only are these products safer for your skin but they’re also better for the environment. The majority of beauty and personal care products on the market contain animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, lanolin, and collagen. These ingredients are often added to provide a thickening or emulsifying effect and to provide a pleasant scent. Unfortunately, these ingredients are not vegan and are not suitable for vegans. However, vegan cosmetics brands are free from animal-derived ingredients and are perfect for those looking to stay away from animal products.

A clean beauty brand will generally offer a range of natural, animal-free products, such as makeup, skincare, and hair care. These products are often made with plant-based ingredients, such as natural oils, waxes, and extracts. These vegan cosmetics are often free from artificial fragrances and added preservatives, so they're better for the environment and safer for your skin. Fragrance-free beauty brands also tend to be free from animal cruelty, meaning they do not test their products on animals. This is a huge plus for those looking to maintain a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Even More Affordable & On-Trend

A woman with light, tanned skin shows off her natural clean beauty style.

Fragrance-free vegan beauty brands are also becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they're more affordable than traditional beauty products. Many of these brands are available at drugstores or conveniently online and are often cheaper than their counterparts. This makes them a great option for those on a budget.

Finally, these natural beauty brands are becoming more mainstream. There are now many companies that specialize in clean beauty products like matte clean lipstick, and they're becoming increasingly easy to find. This availability means you won’t have to go out of your way to find the beauty products you need.

Making the switch to fragrance-free cosmetics brands is a great way to protect your skin and the environment. Not only are these products safer for your skin, but they’re also better for the environment. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your beauty routine, consider switching over to your new favorite clean beauty brand.